Life Rhythms

Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.  Do you feel as though time is moving so fast that you can only feel the chaos?  Do you feel as though you barely have time to breathe?  Do you feel like your world is spinning so fast that you can’t seem to keep up?  Life Rhythms is a five-week Bible study that explores what it means to live in God-centered time.  Our God has chosen to work in time throughout history and desires to redeem time in our favor.  Time will march on whether or not we choose to notice.  When we choose to notice and align our moments with God’s view of time, wonderful things are possible. What would happen in your life if the rhythms you kept allowed you to listen to God and respond to his call? 

Life Rhythms uses the ancient practice of Lectio Divina to encounter various scripture throughout the "Personal Journey with God" section of the book. The "Lectio Divina Bookmark" is a great resources that allows you to use the Lectio Divina practice with any scripture. It provides a simple list of questions prompted by the ancient practice that can transform your study of the Word. 

In Chapter 3 of Life Rhythms, we explore the two Greek words for time, chronos or chronological time andkairos or sacred time. The "Intersection Map" provides a space to document the sacred moments you observe throughout the chronos within a week. 

In Chapter 4 and 5 of Life Rhythms, we explore the importance and power of remembering what God has done in our past in order to determine his faithfulness in the future. In the "Mile Marker Map," you can track the major kairos moments throughout your life where God has worked in chronos (chronological) time throughout your history. These reflections will help you to determine the direction you should go in the future. 

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“This study came at just the right time - my life had been turned upside down after losing my job and I was faced with re-establishing my identity. Life Rhythms reminded me to stop, be quiet and listen for God to breathe into my soul. Now I can rest in the knowledge that God wants me to live a life that operates in God-centered time rather than ME-centered time.” -Mary E.


“Life Rhythms has opened up for me a new pathway to Christ. The guidance provided has challenged me to truly be still before God. And now, God is showing off in my life as never before! I know He is always there, but it was like I was keeping Him in my back pocket, calling upon Him when I needed help. Now I have come to realize that I need to step down and let the Lord grow OVER my life, and this study brought this forward. This comes from a 60 year old woman who's been involved in many studies for many years!” –Stephanie W.


“Life Rhythms taught me how to calm down and look for where God is intervening. I have become more intentional about the choices I make and what impact they have on my daily life. I am more aware when God wants to teach me something or when there's a time God literally just wants me to stop what I'm doing and simply rest in Him.”  -Sarah C.


“God has been rocking my world my entire life! It's amazing how I can see Him at work throughout every situation after I took some time to really look. Mapping out all of the major events in my life through the Life Rhythms study has opened my eyes and changed how I view my memories. It is so much easier to talk about my life when I am able to recognize God at work in it all. My story is no longer about me and full of my embarrassing moments. Instead it is about God at work. We do all have a testimony!”  -Sandra C.


“The Life Rhythms study was wonderful for me.  I am a person who over-commits and feels less than worthy if I am not always doing some kind of work outside the home.  Resting seems to have lost its way out of my vocabulary because I never understood what true ‘rest’ means.  While God's definition of rest sounds like a paradise, and I know that it is, I needed to learn how to strip away those things I was holding on to that interfered with my ability to experience His rest.”  -Shannon L.