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It’s about that time. You know, the time you promise yourself you’re going to have a different kind of start to the year. You’re going to get your health under control.

That’s what I said to myself year after year after year. And I always failed.

Until this past January.

Something was different this time around. For several months I wrestled with God about what I knew He was calling me to do. I knew my relationship with food was completely out of order. You’re not overweight without an inappropriate relationship with food.

I began to think about how the church handles this issue. We avoid it completely. In fact, we feed the problem. Literally. With our pitch-ins and food-laden meetings. Every gathering I would go to for church was centered around food.

I find it interesting that we will intervene when a person chooses unfaithfulness in their marriage or has an addiction to gambling or porn, but if we imply a person has a problem with food, we’re just mean and calling them fat. Food seems to be the acceptable addiction in the church.

I had a problem with food. A serious problem. I loved food. Sometimes more than Jesus. I ran to food for comfort during difficult times. I ran to food to numb the pain of struggles we were facing. I used food in ways other than what God created me to use it.

I also had a problem with self-control. I couldn’t say no. I couldn’t stay in bounds.

This year my word for the year was self-control. You know, the fruit of the Spirit? What I understand about this word after a year of living in the middle of it is very different than when I started the year.

You see, in the beginning God reminded me of this simple verse:



Walls in Old Testament times were of great importance. They provided protection to cities. Cities without walls were defenseless, vulnerable. They were susceptible to attack from enemies.

Because I had no self-control, my walls were broken.

I was exposed and the enemy had a way in.

With the power of the Holy Spirit setting some new boundaries, I allowed God to rebuild my walls. Every time I said, “no,” to food, I said a bigger, “yes,” to God.

I’d like to invite you to join me for a challenge during the month of January. We’re going to spend 31 days learning that Freedom Tastes Better—choosing Jesus over food.

So, here’s the challenge, if you choose to accept it…


1.    Choose your program. This isn’t a food program or a weight loss plan. You will need to determine your boundaries. What do you need to surrender? Is it sugar and carbs? Fatty foods? Restaurants? What will you give up this month so you can be a healthier you?

2.    Choose your partner. You cannot do this alone! We all need accountability when we take steps like this. Knowing you have to relay what you’ve done to someone leads to better choices every time. Knowing someone else can pray you through those dark moments helps every time too. Who will be on your team? Who will kick your tail when you want that extra cookie or a sugary coffee with extra whip? If they’ll give you grief about stepping out of bounds, invite them to join you!

3.    Choose to participate daily. When you subscribe to the newsletter (listed to the right), you will receive a daily devotional in your inbox each morning for 31 days. This issue is not only a physical one, it’s a spiritual one as well. Food can be an idol. If you can’t say no, it has a hold on you. God can set you free.

Matt, my husband, and I will be doing this challenge right alongside you. You aren’t alone! There is power in choosing to rebuild the broken walls. It happens one brick at a time. So, let’s start rebuilding. It’s a new year. Time for a new you.

You can read about Laura’s weight loss here.

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