About the Book

We all learn to play hide and seek at a very young age, but at some point, the game changes for us. Instead of finding joy in being found, we try our best to keep hiding, sometimes going to great lengths.

What if there is joy in actually being found? What if you find that you matter and belong? What if you came out of hiding to discover you are not alone?

Found: Quitting the Game of Hide and Seek is a five-week journey that takes a look at what the Bible says about why we want to hide; why we make it difficult for others to come out of hiding; and what would actually happen if we were real with each other. It's a journey that is best traveled with others.

There's no need to hide anymore. Allow yourself to be found.


Found is a 6-week Bible study for women.

Books will be available August 2015. Video curriculum available October 2015.