Ditching Distractions

Ditching Distractions

Life moves at a pace where it's difficult to keep up most of the time. There are so many diversions. Staying focused can just be hard at times. Well, for me, it's problematic most of the time. 

Take a look at this video and see if you can relate...

Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? 

Me, too.

I'm tired of the noise. Of the pace. Of the chaos. 

I long for peace. For clarity. For God's presence. 

You, too? 

During the month of May, we're going to be ditching distractions. Sometimes the first thing we have to do is name what the distractions really are. Then we can find solutions and step into them. 

Over the next five weeks through our "Motivational Monday" emails for our Freedom Tastes Better subscribers, we are going to be working through a few distractions common to most of us. 

We'll spend some time looking at busyness, extra noise, numbing, voices other than God's, and the distraction of sin. Each week, we'll be tackling one of these categories head on, asking God to speak into how we conquer them and ditch the distraction once and for all. 

Check out this video for a great overview of where we're headed through the month of May. I'm excited to see how we all grow over the next few weeks as we ditch distractions. 

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#MotivationalMonday is a weekly email with free daily devotional content for the week. The material is geared toward those desiring to surrender food idols and grow in their relationship with God as they do. 


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